Mirrors are fascinating - and this one stands out as a piece of art on its own.

Polished Steel

Studio Roso has created a stunning steel plate that reflects your face when you look at it. The production process means that every mirror is totally unique.

Studio Roso

Studio Roso are the Danish designers Sophie Nielsen and Rolf Knudsen. Founded in 2008, the studio fuses architecture, art and design to create poetic site-specific installations. Nielsen and Knudsen studied architecture at the Royal Academy of Art and Architecture in Copenhagen and are graduates of the Royal College of Art London. They have extensive experience in all areas of design - teaching, exhibiting, consulting and making. Their works explores the many ways objects can become tools for radically changing space and people’s perception of their surroundings.

Studio Roso have been awarded numerous commissions and prizes for large public sculptures, and are represented in private collections and museums such as the Victoria and Albert Museum, London. Future projects include numerous worldwide commissions, including large-scale public artworks in Canada and the USA, as well as pieces for commercial clients in Asia.

The Studio’s main emphasis is on the interface of nature and craftsmanship, and the way in which the extraordinary can be made to erupt from everyday materials. They harness the ephemeral and fleeting - light reflections, moirés, the transformations that arise from setting diverse forms, planes and bodies in dialogue with one another in actual space over transient passages of time. Studio Roso creates highly bespoke commissions, each responding to the essence of the environment it inhabits and the inherent potentiality of elemental materials. Even when functioning as furniture, their pieces are conceived as installations - haptic as much as visual - to be experienced from both without and within.

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