The series Studio is a system of seating furniture, designed by UNStudio, which can be adapted to any need or environment. The series is a part of Offecct´s business area Travel & Navigation together with many products that are suitable for different kinds of waiting areas, terminals, cruise ships and airports etc. The Studio series consists of a number of different versions; Studio Twin, Studio Twin Beam and Studio Easy Chair Right / Left. The Studio Twin version creates a seating element for communication and exchange, whereas the Studio Easy chair Right / Left offer possibilities for the user to choose between open and private arrangements. The Studio Twin Beam creates opportunities for use in public spaces and for more playful organizations in public settings. - The concept for the Studio series was to create a light, comfortable and easily rearranged collection of seating elements which incorporate a variety of spatial gestures with specific emphasis on versatility in communication, says Ben van Berkel, co-founder and architect at UNStudio.

OFFECCT believes in combining genuine Swedish craftsmanship with qualitative, innovative and sustainable design.