Stripes by DUM

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DUM Stripes DUM Stripes DUM Stripes DUM Stripes

Stripes is a carpet-system in a range of 10 colours in 100% New Zealand wool designed by Fransje Killaars. Available in 55 colour combinations in almost any size. Each stripe measures 49 cm. With 10 colours the maximum width is 490 cm. All you have to do is select your favorite range of colour numbers and the desired length. Each carpet is fitted with an anti-slip backing and blind finished with cotton border. description: carpet system based on 10 colour stripes of 49cm wide and maximum 800cm long. material: 100% pure new zealand wool, anti-slip backing, blind finished with cotton border. measurements: # colours x 49cm x 800cm (max) colours and description (CLR): CLR10 quadro fine 2-ply brown 9,1 mm high CLR9 carole 15M teal 15 mm high CLR8 marillo 23 orange 5,9 mm high CLR7 quadro fine 2-ply skin 9,1 mm high CLR6 carole 15M radium 15 mm high CLR5 wolmoquette 15M shock-pink 16,6 mm high CLR4 marillo 23 green 5,9 mm high CLR3 wolmoquette 15M napels 16,6 mm high CLR2 wolmoquette 28 white 9,6 mm high CLR1 wolmoquette 28 yellow 9,6 mm high article code: STR-CLR1---CLR10-LENGTH

DUM is a Dutch label founded in 2008. DUM is different.