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string furniture string works string furniture string works string furniture string works string furniture string works string furniture string works

when architects anna von schewen and industrial designer björn dahlström recently designed the folding table and bowl shelf for string we asked them to continue. the question was: is it possible to make your work place as pleasant an environment as your living room and still be fully functional? their response was to develop a whole series of products using the string system as a base. we call them string® works. according to anna and björn it ́s ”a series of furniture for a flexible and contemporary work environment”. it is actually classic furniture, which may equally well be used at home in the kitchen or in the study. with string® works anna and björn have built on nisse strinning ́s simplicity and ingenuity and created a series of furniture both for the present and future. - height adjustable desk people are not built to sit still. therefore, we work better if we can vary our posture. by changing position from sitting to standing, one can concentrate more and feel better. the height adjustable desk in string® works is similar to traditional trestles, but without their heavy appearance. the table frame is made of 40 and 50 mm square metal tubes, a thin dimension that gives the whole table an unusual visual lightness. the desk is created for all types of office environment, but works equally well at home. it can also be used as a small meeting table. the height adjustable feature is especially useful for spontaneous meetings where you prefer to actively stand up. as an accessory, a pullout drawer in plastic can be mounted under the table top. the drawer has two compartments for storing small items, pens and the like. the table also has a cable tray where all the wires can be neatly and efficiently stored. - freestanding shelf through an ingenious modular system of uprights and partitions the string panels (height 1150 mm ) can be mounted as freestanding shelves. shelves can be mounted either on one side or on both sides. the partition is lined in felt to reduce noise in open office environments. the usual string product range can of course be integrated with this freestanding solution. - filing cabinet efficient storage of office supplies with adjustable shelves. holds two full rows of binders. easily integrated into the string shelving system. - bowl as an accessory to the freestanding shelf there is a round bowl that can be mounted onto the uprights. - bowl shelf for storage the bowl shelf with three compartments is neat and convenient for storage and sorting. It is made from plastic and can therefore also be used as a flower-pot. - wire screen for the desk this handy wire screen complements the characteristic striping of the string side panel. the wire screen works as a semi-transparent partition between workstations. furthermore, it can be turned into a bulletin board. - fabric sleeve to create more privacy the wire screen can be fitted with a fabric sleeve, which also reduces the sound level around the work desk. - mobile storage unit string® works mobile storage unit has two spacious drawers. the top is made of plastic with two compartments for organising smaller items. the storage unit can easily be moved between different workstations by using the inset wire clip on the back. - pc holder for computer colour and material choice the desk is available in white, ash and oak. the mobile storage unit in white, ash and oak. the filing cabinet in white and oak

There are many reasons why String and String Plex have been popular for over 50 years.