string folding table by string furniture
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STRING - MODERN SINCE 1949 Combine. Vary. Add. Change color. Change wall. The classic String shelf is available in several colours and types, but is still just as simple to assemble, extend and combine according to your needs. The simple modernistic design became soon a favourite when String was introduced in 1949. Now we are introducing the String+. Can something great really be improved upon? That’s the question we put to swedish architects Anna von Schewen and Björn Dahlström. String® is taking a step into the future: introducing String+, a new series of system components that are totally new and yet pays homage to the original string® concept. First to be released is the ingenious collapsible table depicted here. It can be combined with any of the components of the String® system. During this year keep an eye out for more components designed by von Schewen and Dahlström for the String+ series. Available in 5 different combinations: White desk top / white legs Birch desk top / white legs Oak desk top / white legs Walnut desk top / white legs Walnut desk top / black legs Measures: 78x96cm (WxD) Only suitable with floor panels.

There are many reasons why String and String Plex have been popular for over 50 years.