Stool Velours by Red Edition
Red Edition

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MEASURES Length: 13,8” / Width: 13,8” / Height: 15,7” WEIGHT : 17,6 lb COLORS Velvet Fabric: Chic Gray T25

The Stool is an easy stool in a 'lounge' spirit, with a chic contemporary aesthetic achieved through its marriage of textile and brass. It's at the same time a sculpture that's pleasant to look at: compact, aesthetically-minded and decorative. Practical too, it's perfect for an additional seat around the house. It livens up an interior and breaks up the stifling tendencies of traditional sofas and armchairs. Ideal for decorating lounges, bars and other restaurants, and more and more areas where one is seated lower down - close to the ground, it's a new comfort.

RED EDITION Modern furniture for the home   Red Edition was founded by Cyril Laborbe in 2006.