Stool CC by Rex Kralj
Rex Kralj

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The Stool CC is very sophisticated and originally designed product. Conceived way back in 1954, the Stool remains a concept of elegance. It is distinguished by clean lines and minimalistic appearance, which, however, does not mean it is visually boring, but quite the opposite. Due to its cross type construction, which connects the remaining elements of the stool in a unique way, it appears that the upper part of the stool floats effortlessly above the legs. Technically perfect assembly of wooden elements and only one screw creates a stable and comfortable stool. “Clean lines with the twist – ingenious cross connection makes the impression of the seat floating effortlessly above the legs." Materials and colours: Ash (white, black), Oak (bleached, natural), Walnut Seat (plywood parts have first and last veneer from walnut the rest is from beech plywood), Walnut
 Recommended usage: Indoor only for private and contract business use. 
 W: 40cm L: 40cm H: 43,5cm

Rex('king' in Latin) was named for its creator, architect and designer Niko Kralj, whose last name translates to "king" in Slovenian.