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The theme: wooden bench with backrest, modern corner bench with matching table and chair, or each piece on its own… Stijl, the wooden table. With chairs or with bench and chairs or with two benches, or as a corner bench … just as we know it from the Alpine regions and its farmhouses. Only this design is not traditional but contemporary. Homely, yet unconventional. Reminiscent of the archetypical corner bench in mother’s kitchen, with its steaming pots and warmth, where the smell of good homemade food whets the appetite, either coming back home from school, work or after a long walk. A space to be together with family, friends and unexpected guests. There’s always enough space, you just have to move a bit closer together. The bench and corner bench are available in standard measurements or as a customised design acording to requirements. Made from five layers of solid coniferous wood, with an open pore varnish with a small amount of white pigment. The light white shade gives Stijl its high-quality and contemporary look. Table and bench are also available in solid oak (except for the curved corner element). Additionally, we also offer the Stijl table and bench (without the curved corner element) for outdoor use to enjoy the sunset on a comfortable bench in the garden. The fir or spruce outdoor design uses weather-resistant glue and comes with an oil finish. Alternatively, it is available in a sort of brushed finish similar to the colourful Scandinavian wooden houses: either in the famous Swedish ‘ox blood red’ or in a matte black. The red and black designs are also perfect for indoor use.

RICHARD LAMPERT: DESIGN ICONS AND CONTEMPORARY DESIGN In 1993, Richard Lampert founded his company, based in the German city of Stuttgart, with the aim of producing innovative and versatile furniture for everyday use.