NEO/CRAFT Steel Stand Table NEO/CRAFT Steel Stand

Strictly geometric, almost constructivist, light, solid and substantial. The „Steel Stands“ are inspired by the architecture of the industrial era. The stackable construction of three identical triangles is lasered from one steelplate and thus slighty flexible. Stability is provided on the one hand by two folded branches and on the other hand by the fixing with the tabletop. The combination looks easy and unpretentious and at the same time gives as much space as possible for the legs at all sides. Choose either solid ash tree or an mdf tabletop, their slender borders correspond best with the filigree steel construction. „Truss Stand“ is offered in 2 widths, 100 and 90 cm, and in 5 colours: white, black, turquoise, pastel blue and agate grey.

NEO/CRAFT combines traditional craftsmanship with modern production techniques.