Squareline Box by Eternit (Schweiz) AG
Eternit (Schweiz) AG

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Eternit (Schweiz) AG Squareline Box Eternit (Schweiz) AG Squareline Box

Design with a few rough edges 90 degrees in three dimensions. Its elementary form makes SQUARELINE a universal building block for design. Square or rectangular, the simple geometry of these planters creates an exciting contrast to the plants they hold. The highly compact panels are infused with colour and can be perfectly combined with Swisspearl® façade cladding. Features Models: Two models are available in different formats: CARAT, BOX Colours: Infused with colour and available in six colours

Swisspearl® - Quality of life as the highest principle For many years now, Eternit (Schweiz) AG has been developing innovative and sustainable Swisspearl® products made of natural materials, in the spirit of invention and with expert skills, for use in the building envelope, the interior design and the garden - fully focused on aesthetics, quality and responsibility towards people and the environment.