Square Relaxchair by Jori

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Jori Square Relaxchair Jori Square Relaxchair

Classy appearance JR-7980 The Square is a relaxing chair that emphasises both seating comfort and superior finish. Its classy appearance is mainly achieved by the inclusion of small leather loops on the front of the chair. The leather arms give the chair a cosy appearance. You can choose from 5 different rotating bases. Superior finish JR-7981 This relaxing chair offers the same high comfort as the Square JR-7980. The superior finish is found in every detail: the small leather loops on the front of the chair and the trendy armrest in aluminium. The comfortable line of the chair is accentuated by its slightly inward-sloping back, and is optimized by different seating heights. The foot is a 5-toes ellipse-shaped alufoot.

JORI, founded in 1963, is a Belgian company that is specialised in high-quality and contemporary leather seating furniture.