Squadra by K.B. Form
K.B. Form

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The Squadra pendant lamp is the origin of the Squadra series. The basic idea consists in having two profiles joined by flexible crossbars to produce a lamp of adjustable width and length. A weight suspended weightlessly above it permits fully variable adjustment in height. It is the ability to change the illuminated area together with the discreet yet fascinating form that makes the Squadra stand out. Available in lengths of 75 and 125 cm with 8 or 10 LED recesses, this product is ideal for any table. The clarity of the whole Squadra series comes from what must be the most reduced constructive shape: the square profile. Well proportioned and arranged, it results in a practically unrivalled design language. Making a clear statement and without being subject to any rules of style, it fits in any interior. Brushed Aluminium, matt anodised 8*3,5 W LED warm-white, reverse phase dimmer

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