Height 42 cm
Weight 5.1 kg
Base diameter 47 cm
Seat diameter 29 cm


Finish Pastel Green
Material Polyethylene


Volume 0.11 cm
Year of design 2016


Splash is a stool whose design is inspired by a raindrop touching ground.

Made in rotomoulded polyethylene, it has a comfortable seat and when used upside down, doubles its usefulness by becoming a vase or a capacious container.

Kristian Aus

Kristian Aus is considered one of the emerging talents in the Australian design scenario. He was born in Sydney in 1979. In 2002 he graduated at the University of Technology, where nowadays, holding courses and conferences, he satisfies his passion for teaching design. Until 2007 he worked for several of the leading Australian design companies, then opening his “Autumn Products” studio. He has exhibited his works in Australia, being awarded numerous prizes. In 2009, he exhibited his works for the first time in Italy, precisely in Milan. Aim of his work is to lead to a new interpretation of traditional objects present on the market. His works are friendly, accessible and intriguing, thanks to his choice of styles, textures and materials. “My projects must be in some way unique. It could be for their function or aspect. The tactile “feel” and a sense of enjoyment are high on the list of characteristics that must transpire from each work. From an aesthetic viewpoint, the objects created must have a definite function, both when in use and when they are merely resting in some place or other.”

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