Spin Pendant Light

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Spin light’s expression of dynamics is based on a simple rotational form resembling a child’s toy known as the spinning top or the silhouettes of whirling dervishes.

Clear transparent lamps with a classy metal tops featured in minimal graphical character. Hand blown glass with metal tops finished in various materials and colors.

Lucie Koldová

Lucie Koldová is a product and furniture designer. She moved to Paris in 2009, where she spent a year in Arik Levy’s studio. Simultaneously, she continued to develop her own work for various companies. In 2012, Lucie established her own studio in Paris. She incorporates various influences, and finds inspiration in the different cultures melding together right in the city where she works, mostly for international clients.

There is only one way to bring together artists, designers, glassmakers, engineers and managers. By the passion for beauty.