SP Lay A Pendant Light
Axo Light

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Voluptuous, multifarious, irresistibly magnetic Layers is a collection of ceiling lamps and suspensions with a metal frame covered with hand- applied super-smooth fire retardant pongé fabric, a radiant explosion of colours, shapes and sizes.

Whether fitted individually or in clusters, these lamps are highly choreographic and especially appealing owing to their painstaking care for detail and the extreme lightness that they convey despite their dimensions. 9 different lampshade sizes (from Ø 93 cm to 151 cm and heights of up to 300 cm), 10 colours in the catalogue, 8 basic shapes and 100 variants.

The concept behind the collection is based on 8 basic shapes which can be attached to one another according to taste and requirements. The shapes which can thus be achieved are numerous, as are the colour combinations which, in addition to 10 single colours, also include two multi-colour variants: one is bright and sunny (red, burgundy red, orange, golden yellow) and the other neutral and cold (dark grey, light grey and white). Limitless lamp customisation.

The Layers collection raises the extent to which customisation is possible, offering a further possibility of choice between colours, shapes and sizes, in addition to those listed in the catalogue. Every product can therefore be developed by the engineering department according to specific requirements.

Compact packaging, rationalised shipping costs The collection was devised specifically in relation also to the packaging, which is compact as the lampshades can be placed one inside the other so as to minimise the shipping volumes and consequently rationalise shipping costs.

Vanessa Vivian

Vanessa Vivian was born in 1994 in Mirano (Venice). Vanessa graduated from the Institute of Tourism in Venice after having expressed her passion for design, particularly with glass and light, from a very young age. The choice of tourism studies anticipated the interest that the designer feels for other cultures and diversity. An open mind and earnest curiosity are precisely what led her to develop her vibrant creativity, in which two of the most original and colurful collections of the Lightecture line stem from.

Layers, Plumage and Anadem were created with Vanessa's pencil; both seem to have derived from the inspiration and experience of mature and fulfilled designers. However, they actually originate from the pure imagination and vision of a very young girl, who is a promising international designer. Vanessa's talent is hereditary; she is indeed the daughter of Manuel Vivian, a key designer at Axo Light, who is now a mentor and guide for his talented eldest daughter.

Thus if the saying “Well begun is half done” is true, we can expect big things from this young artist, who has proven to be a talent not to lose sight of.

Axo Light is one of the most dynamic companies in the rich and complex world of Italian design.