Width 55.3 cm
Depth 55.3 cm
Weight 25 kg
Base depth 59 cm
Base width 59 cm
Maximum cable length 290 cm
Maximum diffuser length 200 cm
Minimum cable length 50 cm
Minimum diffuser length 50 cm


Base finish White and Steel
Colour White


Ip rating IP20
Light bulb cap type R7S
Max wattage 120 w
Number of bulbs 2
Volume 0.2 m3


Explo gives rise to an explosion, a game of light and crystals in white or red.

Explo is available in 4 standard models and can also be entirely customised: the number of crystals, the tilt angle and the height, as well as the distance between each individual crystal, can be defined according to the customer's taste. Each lamp is fitted with a linear halogen eco light source which diffuses the light up and down.

Available in the following standard compositions: a rectangular canopy of 50 cm with a lamp body, two crystals of 30 cm and one crystal of 80 cm; a rectangular canopy of 100 cm with two lamp bodies, four crystals of 30 cm and two crystals of 80 cm; a rectangular canopy of 150 cm with three lamp bodies, six crystals of 30 cm and three crystals of 80 cm; a circular canopy with a lamp body, two crystals of 30 cm and one crystal of 80 cm. Customised compositions are available.

Type: suspension Materials: crystal, aluminium Measurements: lamp body length 30 cm x 4 cm depth x 4 cm height. Rectangular canopy in three sizes of 50 cm, 100 cm and 150 cm. Circular canopy with a diameter of 19 cm. Crystals in two lengths of 30 cm and 80 cm. Light source: LED

Manuel Vivian

Born in Venice in 1971, Manuel Vivian obtained his diploma at the Venice Art Institute and began to design at a very young age, blown glass in particular, thanks also to his family business. Following the success of his first projects in glass, Manuel enlarged his range of interests to various other fields of interior design. Since the creation of Axo Light in 1996, he has collaborated constantly with the company and has become one of the main designers.

Manuel designed for Axolight some of the most famous collections, such as Bell, Skin, Skirt, Aura, Clavius, Spillray, Fairy, Virtus, Polia LED, Framework LED and many others.

Axo Light is one of the most dynamic companies in the rich and complex world of Italian design.