Sottsass | Low table SA 04 by Laurameroni

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Low table with drawer, wooden drawer, aniline yellow colour, transparent glass top satin glass available, drawer height (cm 12). L75 P75 H52 cm

The five elements of the “Sottsass Collection” for Laurameroni design collection were designed with the intention of producing sculpture-pieces expressing an idea of essential luxury and stable contemporary culture. The “Sottsass Collection” is composed of three tables, a low table with a drawer, a squared low one and a rectangular low one, of a glass cabinet and of a sideboard. The five elements have a common feature that distinguishes them by strong visual impact and by the great technological care they required: the polished steel supports are woven together to create a contact on the support sheets in every point of connection.

In 1998 Laurameroni design collection was just a project, a difficult undertaking, a risky and at the same time irresistible call, but where the main guidelines had already been clearly defined.