The defining design element of the sona swivel chair is the distinctive polished aluminum backrest brace that connects the seemingly free-floating backrest to the seat shell. It also visually illustrates the high degree of functionality sona offers. A height-adjustable backrest with integrated Schukra lumbar support, a seat depth/height adjustment, and lockable synchronous adjustment guarantee extremely comfortable seating. The sona chair is available with two base designs: black matte plastic and polished aluminum. In addition, sona can be equipped with three styles of armrests, headrests, and hard or soft double casters. Dimensions (total width/depth/height/sitting height) in cm: 49/49/102-114/41-53

The distinct design and functional versatility of the sona family designed by Paul Brooks – consisting of the sona swivel chair and sona cantilever chair – enriches any office environment. High-quality cover fabrics and first-class workmanship turn the sona products into comfortable and convincing all-rounders in the office arena.

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