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Outer diversity Base furniture with options. By separating the base and the outward appearance of the furniture unlimited design possibilities open up. The finishes for cover boards, front and side panels can be chosen independently. There are 6 wood finishes, 16 lacquered colours, matt or high gloss, 16 colours for lacquered glass, matt (velours-like) or glossy. Furthermore, anodized aluminium and acoustic fabric for loudspeaker panels. Magnet fixation allows changes also afterwards for full design choice. Inner values Drawers slide out silently when tipped. Flaps open and close with rope-mechanism. Sliding doors glide aside and behind it can be pull-outs for CDs and DVDs. The interior LED illumination switches on automatically when door or flap is opened. Stereo equipment and receivers disappear behind fronts. Hidden ventilation slots provide for airsupply and an infra-red eye relays remote control signals to the appliances. Cables disappear in cable ducts and behind panels and remain accessible any time. Wall panels serve as background or installation surface for flat screens. Furthermore there are LED-bands at the panels’ edges or be-hind the furniture, which can be switched by remote control. Playground What lies behind the surface of SOMA is not always instantly recognisable. Furniture with numerous drawers? This is indeed a cupboard combination with 4 drawers, 3 doors and one flap. Polished panels alternate with coloured glass. They are magnetically affixed to the surface and can therefore be rearranged or swapped for others at any time. Just a few easy operations suffice to turn an everyday mono-coloured piece of furniture into a lively coloured adornment to your home. One piece of furniture, infinite possibilities The magnetic exchange system provides the perfect answer for this approach. Separate the function from the creative exterior, and give yourself the freedom to design your personal individual pieces. The SOMA body is covered with a pattern of precise recesses with strong magnets. Front and side panels carry the corresponding metal counterparts. This means that the panels are firmly held to the body but can still easily be exchanged – entirely without needing tools. Sliding Doors Sometimes there is not enough space available in the dining area for opening doors of the sideboard. Sliding doors offer a practical and aesthetic solution. Dimensions: width 160, 200 and 240 cm, height 61 and 80 cm, depth 37 and 50 cm. Drawers can also be added, the cover board comes in one piece. Multimedia Furniture serves among other things as housing for stereo, TV and multimedia equipment. Furthermore, illumination inside the furniture and indirect lighting at dressers and panels is also desired. With SOMA you will find intelligent detail solutions for integrating picture, sound and light into the furniture. A media highboard can “hover” in front of the wall or can be put on a plinth. Both cases allow an illumination of the back. Intelligent Details SOMA offers possibilities for perfect integration of stereo and TV appliances. Tuner, DVD-player, amplifier and loudspeakers can be placed behind flaps which are covered with acoustic fabric. Excess heat can be dissipated through ventilation slots and perforated metal shelves. An amplifier with infra-red eye can relay remote control signals to the appliances behind the front. The infrared eye can e.g. be built into the plinth or placed on the furniture. Horizontal cable ducts are hidden underneath the cover board, which can be divided for better access. Stow cables All appliances find room in the furniture. Now the wiring will play an important role. It is important to plan appropriate possibilities in advance: horizontal and vertical cable ducts and outlets and a central easily accessible possibility for housing multiple sockets, transformers, radio switches etc. Top view of a horizontal cable duct. In front of it one can see the upper opening for the electric distribution box. The e-box will be installed in the top of the carcase and can house distribution box, transformers and radio switches. Cables and plugs can be stowed in the vertical cable duct below. Both can be closed with aluminium panels.

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