ZERO Sol ceiling 270 ZERO Sol ceiling 400 ZERO Sol recessed 220 ZERO Sol recessed 400 ZERO Sol recessed 460

As the name implies (Sol means Sun in Swedish), the light is at the centre of this moderna ceiling fixture. Sol can either act unobtrusively and blend into the background or evalate the room with its self-evident character. It all depends on how he thin signature ring is accentuated and idividualised through the choice of clolour. Inwardly or outwardly positioned, in vacuum-formed opaque plastic and built in LED module. Sol is available ceiling mounted, diameter 220, 400 mm, or recessed mounted, diameter 270, 460 mm. LED info: Recessed D220 - System power 13W Luminaire Luminous Flux 980LM Recessed D460 - System power 25W Luminaire Luminous Flux 2059LM Ceiling D200 - System power 13W Luminaire Luminous Flux 1013LM Ceiling D400 - System power 17W Luminaire Luminous Flux 1434 LM CCT 3000K SDCM 3. CRI 80

“The family company Zero manufactures and sells attractive light fittings for all types of space.