Softline Osaka by Eternit (Schweiz) AG
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Multifaceted aesthetics Aesthetics has a name when it comes to plants: SOFTLINE. The impressive series of planters encompasses a diverse range of models and shapes, and makes it possible to individually design a terrace, a balcony or an interior. Whether high or low, round or angular – SOFTLINE is an exclusive collection of planters that caters to all tastes and fits into any space. Features Models: Many models available in different formats: ROBERTO, ALTO, QUADRA, SAMURAI, GEISHA, PALMA, DELTA 45, DELTA 60, DELTA 25/35, TOKYO, BIASCA, LAUSANNE, SPINDEL, LANDING, ARROW, SUMO, GINKO, SUSHI, TWISTA, WAVE, BALCONIA, BONSAI, KYOTO (LOW), OSAKA (LOW), ALADIN, PLANTSHIP, OSAKA, CONFETTI Colours: STANDARD colours as well as all colours À LA CARTE from the RAL collection

Swisspearl® - Quality of life as the highest principle For many years now, Eternit (Schweiz) AG has been developing innovative and sustainable Swisspearl® products made of natural materials, in the spirit of invention and with expert skills, for use in the building envelope, the interior design and the garden - fully focused on aesthetics, quality and responsibility towards people and the environment.