Sofa 210 Cotton by Red Edition
Red Edition

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Measures: Length: 82,7”/ Depth: 35,4”/ Height: 30,7” Weight: 119 lb Colors: Orange T11 - Grey T12 - String T14 Indian T15

The 50s sofa has been designed to suit contemporary interiors and cater for our taste for change. This is because its beautiful upholstery is as gorgeous viewed from behind as from the front, so that you can place it anywhere you like in the room. The combination of various fabrics and solid oak give it a distinctive feel. The 50s sofa is made up of a large sitting cushion and can easily accommodate three people. Its clean Scandinavian lines allow it to adapt perfectly to any interior. It is beautiful viewed from both front and back which means it can be positioned wherever you like in the room. The sofa’s compass feet are in solid oak, cut in soft lines to give a contemporary feel. The depth of the seating ensures a very comfortable experience. The Fifties sofa is available in single colour or graphical effect, dual colour fabrics. Velvet Fabric: Peacock Blue T24 * - Chic Gray T25* *To order

RED EDITION Modern furniture for the home   Red Edition was founded by Cyril Laborbe in 2006.