Dimensions H: 140cm, D: 80cm, T: 40cm Weight 10 kg Lamp type PL55W warm white (dali controllable) Supply voltage 230V AC Power max. 55 W IP rating SO1 indoor IP20 Protection class 1 Certification CE

The design of this large-scaled lamp is pure and back to basic, therefore the SO1 really leaves nobody untouched. Made in PE (Polyethylene) by rotational moulding, this large lamp (height 1m40) can be used inside as well as outside. Built-in into ceiling or wall, lying on the floor or just hanging in the room. Outside use as street light (with a post) or as lighting accent in the garden. The use of this lighting-object will give an extra accent to rooms, spaces, streets and public parks. Material: PE and steel. 2 possibilities: so1 and ½ so1

Eden Design is a Belgian company, which was founded in 2002.