Width 71 cm
Depth 47 cm
Height 40 cm
Weight 7.8 kg


Finish White
Material Rotomoulded Polyethylene


Volume 0.16 cm
Year of design 2011


Snoop is one of the most versatile and multi-functional products in B-LINE’s catalogue, able to adapt to various uses, besides being suited to most diverse ambiances.

The playful spirit typical of Karim Rashid’s designs, should not mislead you: Snoop is a solid, rotomoulded polyethylene stool. But, a closer look reveals its triple identity, which transforms it into small table with two built-in pockets to hold magazines, or into a stackable element from which to create bookcases of various shapes, sizes and colours.

Karim Rashid

Karim Rashid’s mission is to change the world through design. With almost 3,000 objects designed for top line names in the field of furnishing, lighting and fashion, he is one of the most prolific designers of the latter years. A great communicator and trend setter, multi-award winner, author of a number of publications, his works also merge successfully in architectural fields, his phenomenal rise has reached untold heights.
Born in Cairo in 1960, Karim Rashid grew up in Canada where he studied Industrial Design. In the Eighties, having attained his diploma at the Carleton University in Ottawa, he lived in Italy for a period, specialising in Naples with Ettore Sottsass and in Milan at the Rodolfo Bonetto studio. On his return to Canada he collaborated with KAN Industrial Designers and established his first studio (Babel Inc. and North Studio). Nowadays he works between New York and Amsterdam, creating designs characterised by strongly recognisable aesthetics.

B-LINE has been manufacturing contract and home furniture since 1999.