Snake Bookshell by Bross

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Bookshell with bearing structur complete with back cover, available in different dimensions and finishing. Dimensions: 3220: L 103 x H 200 3226: L 198 x H 200 3240: L 293 x H 247,5 3046: L 388 x H 247,5

Snake is an example of domestic architecture inspired by modern trends, enhancing the symmetric and asymmetric concepts. This bookcase is composed by interweaving units that give form to an original game of forms and volumes. It is the use of the patented Duxilon technique which allows not just to shape wood freely, but also to play with different thicknesses without any visual junction, offering a materic continuity. Snake in an unusual bookcase with a modular system that distances itself from the usual and more classical modular net to form truly unique pieces for the living area.

The history of Bross is inextricably linked to two factors that make it unique from its birth: on one side, the love for wood and natural materials, on the other hand, the strong international vocation.