Smart Desk by Yomei

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Following the highly successful launch of the SMART console in 2012 Yomei represents SMART as a desk version on the imm cologne 2013. Initially there will be only in the version of the measure 120 x 60 cm, which will be expanded with the sizes of 100 and 140 cm later on. This desk comes along with everything you need for a modern, contemporary home office, slim dimensions, adequate storage space and perfect "electronic" supply for all devices and lights. And everything is elegantly concealed in the large drawer or under the console. Mobile phones, iPads, laptops, and lamps can be supplied with energy without having a cable tangle. This comfort will be provided by two triple sockets, inside the drawer and on the underside of the desk. Only one wire is coming out through the exit of the metal frame and can be plugged in the socket on the wall. A small moveable box with cap, which can be used several times if necessary, is responsible for a good organization inside the large drawer. With different surfaces (leather, lacquer, veneer), various colors and 3 different versions of the metal frame, this desk fits almost any environment.

Yomei – functionality in design. Combining aesthetic design with a high level of practical function is a fine art that has been perfected by up-and-coming furniture brand Yomei, outshining its German rivals.