Modul left 63 x 160 x 80 cm

SLIM LINE exemplifies reduction to the essentials – the essence of lightness. Generous surfaces offer plenty of space for relaxation. Clear lines and harmonious shapes combined with the traditional art of weaving embody timeless elegance, quality, and comfort. The new SLIM LINE collection is striking with its lively interplay of extended surfaces and subtle profiles. Never before has the easy life revealed itself so obviously and naturally with unconscious, sophisticated refinement. A fiber of a different color breaks up the understated simplicity of the woven mesh pattern generating innovative graphic contrasts. SLIM LINE offers lounge and dining modules, which can be rearranged again and again in many different ways to create a relaxed outdoor atmosphere. The new shapes and surfaces of the tables smartly expand the rest of the collection, including furniture for the lounge, living room and dining area. Large, comfortable cushions provide maximum comfort in the familiar DEDON quality. Colors: carbon, chalk

At the end of the `80's, former professional Bayern Munich footballer, Bobby Dekeyser, decided to develop high quality outdoor furniture that could stand up to wind and weather.