Depth 19.5 cm
Height 5 cm


Finish Dark Cork
Material Cork


An office must-have is given a rethink by acclaimed English designer James Irvine with his Slice organiser.

With space for pens, paperclips, smartphones and tablets, it leaves no excuse for desktop clutter. Made from cork, Slice is more attractive than your average organiser as well as being extremely lightweight, allowing it to be easily moved from home to office.

Studio Irvine

Studio Irvine is a design studio based in Milan and run by the architect Marialaura Rossiello Irvine.
Studio Irvine remains faithful to the design approach and method developed by James Irvine, in a combination of irony and precision. The cross-disciplinary philosophy pursued by the studio denotes a constant inclination and curiosity towards all types and scales of projects: from the design of a bus to that of a pen, from the art direction of a company to that of launching a new design brand.
In its 30-year history, the studio has woven a dense network of interactive relations among “fabbriche del design”, makers, artisans, graphic designers, curators, journalists, photographers and designers. Driven by a diversity of expertise, skills and visions in a common creative process focused on each new specific project.
The studio is a place whose rich collection of objects, prototypes, pictures, souvenirs, collections, drawings and history provides a continuing source of inspiration.

Together with vanguard international designers, Hem is creating a new generation of sustainable furniture, accessories and lighting.