Width 280 - 310 cm
Depth 38 - 42 cm
Height 45 cm


Finish Oak Natural Oil
Material Oak


Size 280 - 310 x 38 - 42 cm
Year 2016


The EDI bench is editable: it can ordered in different dimensions rather freely.

The durable structure makes it suitable for highly commercial use, and it also serves well as a side table.

Claesson Koivisto Rune

Since the early days of our architectural practice, we have been asked by a succession of clients to custom-design a simple wooden table to fit their particular needs.

Once we met the master craftsmen, carpenters and people of Nikari, we knew we had found a partner with the know-how and expertise to realize this concept as a true commercial product. The Edi table design concept is based on proportions, rather than fixed dimensions, meaning the customer can freely adapt the size of the table to their particular situation while always being certain that the results will be well proportioned.

Nikari is a wood design studio and furniture manufacturer, established in 1967.