siss t-3212 | t-3212A | t-3212F | t-3212L Flushmount by Estiluz

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t-3212 Hal. R7s 118mm ECO 200W 230V (included) t-3212A Hal. E27 ECO 3X70W 230V Fluor E27 3x20W Megaman 230V t-3212F El. Fluorescent G24q3 2x26W universal voltage ballast t-3212L LED 17,5W ( 3000ºK / Ang. 120º) 230V / Typ.1320 lumens.

T-3212 > 480mmD-126mm H / Hal. 1x200W T-3212A > 480mmD-126mm H / E27 3x70W T-3212L > 480 mm D-147 mm H / LED 17W T-3213 > 600 mm D-135 mm H / Hal. 1x200W T-3213A > 600 mm D-135 mm H / E27 3x70W

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