Sinus Trestle by L&Z

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L&Z Sinus Trestle L&Z Sinus Trestle L&Z Sinus Trestle L&Z Sinus Trestle

A drawing in space The Sinus trestle legs designed by Daniel Lorch for L&Z are made out of a single piece of tubular steel, which is bent into its ideal static shape. Due to the optimal structural design of the steel tube, the Sinus is extremely stable, but with the minimal use of material, it is light and easy to handle. The open shape of the trestles allow lots of legroom, and since the tabletop is detachable, the length of the table can be easily adjusted, changes in room layouts can quickly be made, and they can be stacked to save space. If you want to screw the tabletop on permanently, there is a hole drilled underneath the support pads.

L&Z – The Company The founding of the company L&Z and the development of the Sinus Trestle were inseparable.