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L&Z Sinus Table L&Z Sinus Table

The history of Sinus The design was developed with a concept that took the elementary architectural parameters of a table as the point of departure: bearing and supporting, legs and surface, trestle and table top. What useful modifications or enhancements of these basic preconditions can be made to suit the needs of modern life? For instance, how can we give a structure simplicity, material efficiency, stability and flexibility? What benefit does the separation of table top and legs bring? What improvements can we make to current solutions that take this approach? For example, can we reduce the production and material costs of the Eiermann Table? Are there more stable, higher quality but equally simple alternatives to the classical folding trestle? A standard paperclip served as a template for achieving maximum product value with minimal production effort, while also featuring a distinctive design: A single curved piece of wire, simply bent into its final form after being cut to size. The conceptual translation of this method lead to the idea of how a contemporary trestle could be designed. Optimal table top dimensions: 180 x 90 cm / 200 x 90 cm (min. 160 x 80 cm – max. 320 x 110 cm) • 2 bent steel pipes, round, ø 25 mm • powder coated or chrome-plated • including black height-adjustable polyamide bases and tabletop support pads • measurements: H 72 × W 74 × D 36 cm • weight (per pair): 9 kg • maximum loading: up to 300 kg • Made in Germany

L&Z – The Company The founding of the company L&Z and the development of the Sinus Trestle were inseparable.