Width 160 cm
Depth 66 cm
Height 240 cm
Weight 1.1 kg


Colour Grey
Material Concrete


Assembly required none
Suitable for outdoor use no


Bangalore’s plans to build an overground metro system in the late 90s never came to fruition. Yet dotted around the busiest parts of the city you will still see the desolate but strangely seductive pillars that were installed but on which tracks were never laid. We miniaturised the functional and architectural features of these oversized sculptural structures, such as the pipework and joints, rendering them into decorative elements. Each design was 3D-printed, moulds made out of silicone and the pieces cast in concrete.

SIMENT is a collection of planters and vases inspired by urban infrastructure in present-day India. It’s also about how, in India, concrete is often transformed from a purely functional material into an opportunity for decoration. We created typologies of the Brutalist water-towers and flyover infrastructure pillars we found, which had all taken on a secondary or unofficial use over time. They were painted or used as surfaces for expression, and had become ornaments in the neighbourhood. Siment celebrates this blurring of decoration and function and the creation of secondary uses that is omnipresent in Indian life. 

We are a product design studio based between Bangalore and London.