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Mr Silva is a wall clock and a householder with a friendly appearance.

Mr Silva is a wall clock and a householder with a friendly appearance. This playful wall clock is suspended by a straw strap hanging from a fixed wall peg. The character’s mustache corresponds to the hour indicators, bestowing a decorative and narrative personality onto an object which is usually merely functional. Silva is designed for indoors.

Please note that there is a minimum order of 3 units.

Made in Portugal.

DAM is a Portuguese brand specialized in designing high-quality furniture and home accessories that tell stories, appealing to a sustainable and green lifestyle. Founded in 2013, DAM combines design, craftsmanship, and industry. The brand honors its roots and origins. It praises the Portuguese culture which, together with nature, is the main inspiration source. Designed with expertise and handcrafted with love in Portugal, every product is handcrafted with love in Portugal, born from a perfect combination of traditional techniques and natural materials. “Life is too short to waste time on boring or disposable products. We want people to love the spaces where they go and where they live. The motivation is to see people smiling with DAM.” - DAM team