Silva Neo Down LED 160 Creme PD S by BRUCK

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Oberfläche hochglanz verchromt. Mundgeblasenes Glas aus zwei Schichten, außen: weiss seidenmatt, innen: weiss seidenmatt für eine weiche Lichtverteilung. Baldachin aus schlagfestem Kunststoff - ABS. Elektrische Leitung transparent. Leuchtenkopf aus Messing.

Silva Gold - Comfortable light for the living and dining area.

BRUCK, the well-known lighting manufacturer in the up-market property and facilities area, is further expanding its successful range of SILVA lamps.

The organically shaped pendant lights made of hand blown crystal glass are now available with black and white painted surfaces. The internal coating of composition gold leaf generates a fascinating, radiant, warm light that generates a feeling of wellbeing.

It is above all their cosy and pleasant light that distinguishes these new lamps. This they owe to the inside of their crystal glass body which is meticulously hand-coated with composition gold leaf. The ultra-thin and very fine overlaps during application of the metal, thereby give the coating structure and dynamics. The result is a light which is not only homely but also slightly iridescent.

Unsere Mission 2020 Wir fördern Gesundheit und Wohlbefinden durch ökologisches und ergonomisches Licht in der feinen Wohnwelt.Unsere Vision 2020 Wir stehen für hochwertige, innovative Lichtlösungen in der feinen Wohnwelt.