Width 17 cm
Depth 1 cm
Height 1 cm
Weight 1 kg


Colour European Maple
Material Maple


A set of 4 plates and 4 spoons made from European Maple.

The new plate and spoon are rendered food safe with a protective finish so that they can be used as a cake or sandwich side plate, as well as being a small tray for the small bowl and small jug.

International design agency Viewport Studio has created a collection of tableware pieces, titled Silt, using the traditional material of unglazed Purple Clay, more commonly used for the tiny and elaborate teapots in China to serve black tea. To augment and contrast with the original Silt pieces in clay, a plate and spoon in European Maple has been added to the collection


Silt plate: 170 mm Diam x 12 mm H 

Silt spoon: 35 mm Diam x 135 mm L

Viewport Studio is an evolution of an existing business. We started as Voon Wong Architects in 1997. In 2006 we became VW+BS, an international studio working on product design and architecture. In 2014 we have joined up with more designers from the aviation business to create Viewport Studio, with a wide portfolio of experience and projects. Today we work with significant global brands as wellas private individuals on projects big and small from architecture to product design to aircraft interiors and brand activations.