Silla40 by Sancal

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Sancal Silla40 Sancal Silla40 Sancal Silla40 Sancal Silla40

A tribute to the 20th Century Last year, to commemorate Sancal’s anniversary, the design studio Nadadora proposed the concept of designing four chairs, one for each  of Sancal’s decades. The idea won us over, and today we are proud to present Silla40. Instead of four totally different chairs, Nadadora decided that the project would make even more sense if each chair shared the same structure. This way the difference lies in the backs; each one inspired by a key moment in the history of furniture design. The R20 back symbolises concepts drawn from the work of Marcel Breuer and his Cesca chair. The R30 back is a nod to Scandinavian design in the ’30s and, in particular, the 69 chair by Alvar Aalto.  The R40 variant represents the organic design of the ’40s, ’50s and ’60s and celebrates the LCW chairs designed by Charles Eames. The postmodern influences of the ’70s are impregnated in the R70, inspired by designs like those of Synthesis45 by Ettore Sottssas for Olivetti. Silla40 combines an upholstered seat and back with ash feet and arms. The ash is available in any colour from our range for stains, and any fabric can be chosen from our entire collection. Nadadora Nadadora was founded by Isaac Piñeiro and Cristina Alonso. Their work comes from a relationship which is necessary between the different disciplines of design. The precedence in their projects and way of working ensures conceptual honesty and simplicity; it is to communicate spontaneously in order to develop immediate projects. Nadadora has collaborated with firms such as Sagen Ceramics, La Murrina, Ferrero Italia, Serralunga or Balvi. The studio has recently been given an award by Corolla - a projected design for Nutella; they have also been selected for the exhibition Serie Fuori Serie by the Triennale Design Museum of Milan. Their Chat, Tab and Elephant designs are Sancal’s star accessories. This time they have surprised us with the Silla40 chair and Tartana acoustic hood: products that will leave nobody indifferent.

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