Look and Feel Imagine yourself sitting underneath this lampshade reading a good book. The strong folds play with the light, resulting in charming cast shadows. Functionality The paper filters the cold light of energy-saving bulbs or LED bulbs to give the light in any room or space a cosy, warm ambiance that feels very natural. The strong folds and curved folds on the inside play with the light. The lampshade fits around a standard energy-saving lightbulb. The lamps is lightweight and can be installed in a very short time. Production This lampshade is folded with utmost precision out of special FSC paper of the type Butterfly. The folds are pressed in the paper by die cutting. When to use? The Studio Snowpuppe lamps are very suitable for use in a home or in public spaces like libraries or hotel rooms. The lamps are often used in clean spaces that need some bright eye-catchers that give the space a warm ambiance. The Signature lamp consist of numerous triangular surfaces that will attract people's attention. In a room the lamp has a calming effect and creates an environment where people can be at ease. Mission Our goal is to make you happy and to inspire you in your creativity by experiencing the cosy light of our lampshades. For us creativity is adventure and the discovery of new things, whatever these things might be. We hope to make you smile and brighten up your living." ___ Made by hand in Holland Material The shade is made of 3 pieces of FSC paper of the type Shade. Material electrical cord: cotton cord Components: Comes with our own designed suspension system. All of our models are delivered with a cordset consisting of a porcelain socket, textile cord of 3 meter length and a ceiling cup. Bulb not included Ceiling cup included Electrical cable included. Dimensions 30 cm x 48 cm Available colours White Certificates CE, FSC

Company Philosophy Studio Snowpuppe - lights to inspire The story behind Studio Snowpuppe’s lampshades is about the fascination of paper and light.