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Siglo is a workplace with a lot of attitude but in a sober manner where the details highlight the profile you want for the moment. Siglo is very flexible in design and dimensions to be used and adapted as necessary. This year we have together with Henrik Schulz developed the Siglo series. We now present a new variant of desk with integrated storage. We presented Siglo for the first time in 2013 and now we are expanding the family. The basic idea is that by integrating storage in the table, we can take away the conventional storage. This way we save a lot of space and can get more workstations into the office. The desk is flexible and can have many users. The whole series is prepared and adapted for the modern activity based office. Siglo with sliding tabletop was presented in 2013 and now we supplement with an additional work table with the same smart function. Just as on a school desk, we can now simply lift the lid and put down the things we do not want to leave out when we are on a "break". This makes it easy to use different workplaces from day to day, and "clean desk" principle becomes a natural way at the office.

In the beautiful border countryside Viskadalen between Halland and Västergötland Horreds is located since 1936.