Shuffle MH1 Side Table

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Mia Hamborg gives new life to the old Nordic craft tradition of turning wood by adding the colour and playful forms from old painted wooden toys.

It’s up to you where you want to put this fine piece of furniture and being truly Nordic and democratic, you can even decide the form, colours and height of the table. & This fine table has one function more important than all others: To create joy.

Mia Hamborg

Armed with a Bachelor of Arts in furniture design with an emphasis on wood, Hamborg fuses functionality with humour in her endearing designs. With the “Shuffle” table she revitalises the Nordic craft of turning wood. Dating back to the Viking Age, it involves a foot-powered pole lathe to rotate the wood, using a sharp tool to shape it. Hamborg fuses humour with function in her endearing designs. For her “Shuffle” table, she revitalises the Nordic craft of turning wood. Dating back to the Viking Age, a foot powered pole lathe was used to rotate the wood, allowing the use of a tool to shape it.
“I want people to feel a sense of joy when they see my designs,” says Hamborg. “To walk into a room and suddenly smile.”
The Shuffle Table by Mia Hamborg conjures up images of classic wooden toys, using muted pastels such as lilac, powder blue, yellow, black and white. The all-black version makes a striking silhouette, accentuating the various shapes of each element, which you can stack on the central pole as you like. “Hamburg’s Shuffle Table touched an emotional cord at &tradition,” explains Martin Kornbek Hansen. “It’s a contemporised version of a classic toy. And it allows you to decide which shapes, colours and height to form the table. A truly Nordic approach to democracy in design.”

Craft meets art. Function meets form. Material meets potential.