990 x 980 mm Acrylic glass white, Aluminium white powder coated incl. dimmable power supply converter 24 V LED > 90 CRI/Ra, > 50.000 Std./hrs., EEK A+

Inspired by the shields of the Masai from Tanzania, SHIELD consists of two main parts: an opalescent diffuser and a white-painted aluminium structural chassis. The shade is not totally opaque, but semi-translucent, so some of the light falls onto the wall or ceiling, creating an attractive aura and a pleasant atmosphere. Consistent reduction, clear geometry and rectilinear shapes are the design principles behind the SHIELD luminaires.

Die Reduktion der Form auf das Wesentliche, auf die elementarste Geometrie, die Linie, ist die Gestaltungsgrundlage von millelumen.