Width 62 cm
Depth 73 cm
Length 125 cm
Height 93 cm


Back screen material Perforated Steel
Colour Black
Frame material Steel
Table top finish Smoked Oak
Table top material Oak Veneer


Order quantity 1


Just as a shelter in a storm creates a safe haven, this streamlined desk and console provide a stronghold for essentials and artefacts.

The design is refreshingly simple, with virtually no excess features. The tabletop is bordered by perforated steel, forming a lightweight screen that wraps around the front and sides. The surface itself is crafted from a smoked oak veneer supported between legs made in steel. A lighter, oiled oak veneer is also available. The screen provides a compelling backdrop for contemporary artefacts, forming a focal point that lends itself to arrangements of ornaments and objects. Shelter’s versatility and simplicity make it a great fit for any type of environment.


From their studio in Valencia, Spain, Yonoh are pioneering a uniquely minimalist brand of design. The studio was established by industrial designers Clara del Portillo and Alex Selma in 2006. Since then, the duo have received a string of prestigious prizes, including a Red Dot Award, an iF Product Design Award and a Wallpaper* Design Award. Their work is underpinned by a philosophy of design that eliminates excess while emphasising the beauty of details. Shelter, their streamlined desk and console for Northern, creates a compelling backdrop for contemporary artefacts and art objects, while doubling as streamlined workstation. Yonoh’s designs are characterised by versatility and simplicity, making them a great fit for any type of environment.

We create furniture, lighting and accessories that are Nordic in spirit, yet global in style.