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Shadows XL is loosely based on the collection of lights Shadows. Paying homage to its typological heritage, the Shadows collection is a new take on the recognized and timeless French atelier pendant spot light. The five-lamp clusters feature different types of glass shade that slide over a wooden neck. The variable fittings allow you to apply your own creativity in composing new lighting experiences every day, while the purity of form is underscored by the hidden light source – a warm LED spotlight. SHADOWS XL, new for 2015, features a design that holds true to the lines of the original Shadows collection, but it boasts s a nearly 50% proportional increase in size. Thanks to its ample dimensions, Shadows XL works well as an independent suspension light and allows for convenient lighting of, for instance, dining tables, bars, etc.

BROKIS – a synthesis of exquisite design, superior quality, and the remarkable craftsmanship of Bohemian glass artisans.