SG Suave solid brown by kymo

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The SG Suave represents a higher state of relaxed laidback ness. It has everything you need to be able to attach the 'classic long pile rug' label on the lapel with a clear conscience: Simple and smart. As fine as this carpet is, it's the precision-spun polyester yarn strands that also make it one robust piece of floorwear. Add a diverse range of shades from the 18 most important colour ways - from subtle grey and beige tones to bright signal colours à la 'superlemon' - and you get clean, wholly stylish understatement. Complete perfection. Or, as we like to say, SG SUAVE. Not only visually but also in the every-day handling the SG Suave benefits from the favourable qualities of the material polyester. For example the care proves to be quite simple: The synthetic fibre polyester has a closed structure, i. e. dust, dirt and moisture cannot penetrate the fibre but remain on the surface. In addition the material is very durable and does not pill. Available in 5 standard sizes and 18 standard colours. Additional options for customizing: choose any size, shape or colour you like. Pick and mix up to 6 colours. Range of application: Indoor, Residential, Lounges, Shop Interiors, Hotels, Offices, Reception Areas, Fairs, Events Manufacture: table tufted Base material: Cotton Pile material: 100% Polyester Pile height: approx. 45 mm Pile insert weight: approx. 4190g / sqm Total weight: approx. 5890g / sqm Backing: Cotton Standard sizes: 140x200 | 170x240 | 200x200 | 200x300 | 300x400

KYMO from Germany, makes contemporary floorwear. Our approach to floor textiles is best summed up by our brand philosophy: 'GO ON.