SG Polly white by kymo

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Some things come and go: the scent of a favourite flower. Summer rain on hot asphalt. Your girlfriend’s hair colour. Other things are here to stay: like the classic of the kymo collection, the SG Polly. Established in 2005, its appeal lies in the special pile of the polyester: bestowing the carpet with an unbelievably dynamic appearance, the approx. 45 mm long threads gleam in the most different nuances of a colour, depending on angle of view. At the same time, the SG Polly takes its place right at the top of the sturdiness-ladder – dust and dirt cannot permeate the polyester fibres. That’s why it’s the kymo signature model per se. Available in 5 standard sizes and 9 standard colours. It is possible to produce custom sizes, custom shapes, and custom colours (on the basis of Pantone, RAL, or Sikkens). range of application: residential, lounges, shop interiors, hotels, offices, reception areas, trade shows & events pile material: 100% polyester pile height: approx. 45 mm pile insert weight: approx. 3000g/qm total weight: approx. 5300g/qm stress class: very high (as specified in ISO 10361 / DIN EN 14215) floor heating: qualified (as specified in DIN EN 1307) rub fastness: very high durability (as specified in DIN EN ISO 105-X12) acoustic behaviour: sound-absorbent electrostatic behaviour: antistatic Standard sizes: 140x200 | 170x240 | 200x200 | 200x300 | 300x400

KYMO from Germany, makes contemporary floorwear. Our approach to floor textiles is best summed up by our brand philosophy: 'GO ON.