Weight 6 kg
Canopy diameter 7 cm
Max bulb height 11.5 cm
Shade diameter 80 cm
Shade height 20 cm
Shade holder height 34 cm


Lampshade colour White translucent PVC
Structure material Chrome-plated


Light bulb cap type E27
Light bulb type LED
Max wattage 10 w
Number of bulbs 6


This is a lightweight, two-sided circle of shades, divided into six 60┬║ segments (in the home version), and twelve 30┬║ segments (in the larger version).

The final arrangement is beautiful and sombre, generating generous well-nuanced light and reviving the old tradition of mediaeval iron luminaries with various bulbs as its resilient, distinguished predecessor is the┬áEstadio┬álamp┬áfrom┬áthe┬ásame┬ádesigner.

Miguel Milá

A member of the generation of industrial design pioneers in Spain who has seen some of his furniture and lamps become real contemporary classics.

Miguel Mil├í was born in a Catalan aristocratic family with strong links with the artistic world (his ancestors assigned the Mil├í House, also known as La Pedrera, to Gaud├ş), and started working as an interior designer in the architecture studio of his brother Alfonso Mil├í and Federico Correa. It was the end of the 50s, a time of crisis when Spain hardly knew what industrial design was. There was practically no industry, everything was generally handmade. This framework marked the way Miguel Mil├í understood design, being sensitive to the pleasure of touching and closer to traditional techniques.

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