Sesel by Laurameroni

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Laurameroni Sesel Laurameroni Sesel Laurameroni Sesel

Sesel - handles, knobs, coat hanger, artistic elements. Production: Laurameroni Design Collection Dimension: diam. cm 7 e 9 Inspired by the granitic Rocks of Seychelles, Sesel, realized in 3 bronze organic shapes, are real sculptures. The irregular surfaces and brushings are the result of the handmade realization of every single piece. Individually or combined, can be used as knobs for furniture, handles for doors, coat hanger or as artistic elements. Every element can be turned on the fastening axis to create different compositions. You can optionally turn every element on the fastening axis to create never ending compositions.

In 1998 Laurameroni design collection was just a project, a difficult undertaking, a risky and at the same time irresistible call, but where the main guidelines had already been clearly defined.