Serif barstool comes from the idea based on the concept of classical beauty. The project presents a new aesthetic for the rotomoulding technology, often used to create formal oddities end in themselves. The choice of Serif design is the one of a three-dimensional grace that recall the world of the Serif font or the Times New Roman. Serif is therefore an hybrid between a letter and a small three-dimensional co- lumn which belongs to an indefinite architectural style. Classic forms and pro- portions are blended in it, recognizable at first sight, out of the current trends, it has a sort of aura of instant classic. Thanks to these features, Serif easily suits in indoor and outdoor places, with a special vocation for the contract environment.

Since 1963 Pedrali, Experience and future Pedrali is an Italian furniture manufacturer founded in 1963 that develops durable and contemporary solutions for public spaces, office and home.