Pirum, Volum and Secundum: Three lamps that stand for naturally warm light. Despite the organic form the ‚Series A‘ has a graphic and clear line. All three lights are constructed by the same principles and yet every lamp still stands out with its own special design and character. The intricate structure of the lamp allows the light to subtly shine through the thin wooden slats and cast a glare-free light which creates a natural ambience. Pirum is the smallest lamp of the series A and is hand manufactured of untreated, sustainable wood in our own studio in Lübeck | Germany.

Light bulb cap type
Light bulbs included
Wood Other
Max wattage
LED 10 / Halogen 60W
Power connection
Ceiling Rose
Suitable for outdoor use
Total cable length

Just like our other lights of the series A, the Volum, with its angular wooden slats, creates a comfortable indirect light. People love to hang the Volum over big dining tables or in open rooms and hallways.

The series A is Schneid’s first product development of 2010. This lampseries impresses with its very warm and descent lighting and its new organic shape that suits living- and dining areas perfectly.

These products are hand manufactured of untreated wood in Northern Germany. Small darker knots of the wood are an essential element of the organism tree and intentionally used for the production of our lamps.

Having ‚Schneid‘ is the german equivalent to ‚being bold‘, which is what puts the essence of our philosophy in a nutshell. Schneid Lighting & Furniture strives for enduring and elegant products which are mindful and meet the modern Zeitgeist in a courageous way. Using natural raw materials, striking colors and bold shapes we create mood and atmosphere. We believe in sustainability and are dedicated to solid craftsmanship. This is why we support local manufacturers, keeping delivery routes short and work together with people who are practicing their jobs with passion, just as we do.