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Randers+Radius SeatDown Randers+Radius SeatDown Randers+Radius SeatDown

Thoughtfully designed unique series of furniture for waiting areas In close co-operation with Århus University hospital Randers+Radius has developed Seat-Down – a series of furniture for waiting areas, which is both unique and tailored to furnishing corridors.Wall fixed seats with self-tipping function The modular furniture series designed by Friis & Moltke Design is the only one of its kind on the market. The functional design of SeatDown solves the challenge of furnishing corridors and waiting rooms. The self-tipping seat means that the depth of the elements is reduced to only 32 cm. When the seat is in use the seat comfort is extremely high, like an easy chair, as the seats are deep and wide. This gives the waiting person a nice feeling of having a private space.Maintenance-friendly design During the development phase we have been very conscious that the SeatDown series should meet practical requirements, such as those required for the health sector. The self-tipping seat gives extra space for passing and at the same time contributes to a cleaner seat, as the dirt slides off and falls down to the floor.

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